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It's 2016 already, and our keywords are:
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An Enthusiastic Learner

Excerpt from Tosin Taiwo's Facebook Page. 

So many things about the young man in this photograph, that inspires me. One of them? He believes I have solution to all of his academic home work! Aahh.

Interestingly, he is one of our sponsored children in high school who has been on sponsorship from nursery 2, till date! #terrificSponsors. God bless them. #Street2SchoolNG.

For every home work that he cannot solve. ScholarB would take the stress of walking down to my house with his 📚 books. He believes I am a genius. :D Hehehe. During his common entrance examination, maths was our favourite subject as weekends were set aside for problem solving. :)

Okay, It was going to be an interclass debate in his school today, and as one of the debaters..... ScholarB was around for hours yesterday, as we spent time developing points on why democratic governance is the best form of government. He is in JSS 1. Apparently, as shown in the photograph, (which was shot by my little one) lack of electrici…

Not His Fault That He Was A Street Boy!

"This young man here inspires us SO greatly. I never knew I could look a teacher and a school head in the eyes and give them a piece of my mind until Saudiq came into the picture! He strengthened my voice for advocacy

He was a victim of bullying. And,  not only was he bullied by his classmates but by his classteacher, too! His crime was that, the private school we enrolled him seems too "TUSHED" to have a supposed street boy in their classroom! Sadly, his classmates and teacher were used to seeing him as a street boy, who hawks and never go to school, until we intervened in 2012/13. God bless all our sponsors 🙏🙏

At 10years old, and in basic 1, this teacher never believed in him. She would use the came on him at the slightest provocation, at other times, she would give the rod to his classmates to do the flogging on her behalf!!! The marks on his body said it all... Until gradually, our Saudiq lost his enthusiasm towards learning. He wouldn't want to go to school,…

The Transformed Health Centre

When we lost one of our pupils last year, it was a difficult thing to bear. Till date, the pain still lingers. 
She was only 7years and, I could remember that morning she was brought to my office, she complained of headache. We asked if she had eaten, she answered 'No'. So, we got her some meal. She ate and slept in my office, afterwards. No class for that day. No class. Sorry. 
That day, she was the last pupil to leave school for home as mama came pretty late to pick her. Mary was off school for some days. To cut the story short. Little Mary died some two weeks, thereafter. 
When a child is sick, we don't just send them home anymore, as we aren't sure of how much medical care they would be given, due to lack in the home. So we ensure we follow through. We get the children into the nearest private clinic, where laboratory tests are conducted, and necessary drugs prescribed. Often times we have had the children admitted for days. We would wait patiently…