Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Be Our Professional Friend?

On the 26th of May, we'd be having Career Workshop with the children and every child is expected to dress, professionally. Although not every child can afford this, however, we hope to make it fun-filling, exciting and motivating.

Now, this is where we need YOU to come be our Guest! You a Medical Doctor? Lawyer? Banker? Pilot? Engineer? Teacher? Come give the gift of your inspiration to our little friends. Come dressed up in your full regalia *winks* and tell your story. While some of these children would love to be Medical  Doctors, Engineer, Pilot...they don't know how a Doctor, Engineer look like! We want to go real! We want them to see. And, be inspired. Remember, these are smart kids who have spent greater time out-of-school than in-school,

Save the date.
May 26th.
9am -12noon.
Inspire A Child Forever
Be Our Professional
:) ;) :)