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The Voice of Nigeria Visits..

Today, the Voice Of Nigeria media house did visit our community to speak with sponsored children. Thank You, VON for your time.

Capacity Building For Rural School Teachers of Helpers Academy.

ICT training for teachers commenced today. Attached herewith are photographs of our terrific teachers of children in Ikola rural community. It has been an exciting journey with them.  #Street2SchoolInitiative: Helping out-of-school children back to school, one at a time. Education, every child deserves a chance. #HelpersAcademy

80 Children.. 80 Inspiring Stories.

So yesterday, the children came to school for their academic reports. Every class was well represented. Except for those who didnt show up. And, it is because they are back on the street to hawk goods. To make profit for their guardians/parents. Apparently, Summer Hols isnt much fun for some rural children, Not a learning period as most children have it. It is that time of the year to get back on the street to hawk! Yes, some of these children sell fruit, plaintain, foodstuff, fish etc. We smile when we meet...:). There are verrry good multi-taskers amongst them. Very Good One.

One of such is a 10 year girl..who spends more time in her guardian's shop and street, selling. She closes late, 11pm...every day! (true story). It was a turg of war lol before she was released to us to attend school. This term, she had the best result in her class - Basic 1!! I wish I know how she does it. #Multitasking #TopGainer #NoChildDesrvesToBeOutOfSchool

Another Top Gainer is a girl in Basic 4. Est…

2016 GCE Beneficiaries..

First batch of the 2016 GCE Sponsorship Scheme Applicants were attended to on the 19th of July, 2016. 20 less privileged young people were sponsored for the 2016 General Certificate Examination. We look forward to attending to the next batch of applicants.

Special admiration and tanks to our sponsors and friends.
#GCEBeneficiaries #2016

GCE Sponsorship, 2016…

2016 GCE Sponsorship Update.

This year, we would be supporting 35 underpriviledged students to register freely for the General Certificate Examination. Please, let us know if you know any young person who needs this.. Interested students should do the following:

(a) Scan copy of their most recent WAEC/NECO/GCE result to with a cover letter on why you should be sponsored. Terms and Conditions Apply...

Alternatively, you could apply HERE:

Deadline: July 17th, 2016. For further inquires, send text only to +2348034093287.


Education Summit At Bolade Snr. Grammar School, Oshodi. #BeAHero2016

On Thursday, 30th of June, we had a Career Program with Bolade Senior Grammar School students. Special thanks to the School Management for the invitation to inspire young minds.
It was a mind blowing session with over 400 students.  To our Guest Speakers and Sponsors, we can't thank you all enough.  #BeAHeroSummit #HighSchoolStudents #coachsam #CoachTaiwo #Street2SchoolInitiative #TogetherWeAchieveMore

Donated items include the book: In 60 minutes, written by Taiwo Faloju.