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Food Drive Project: October 1st, 2016…! #GrantAWish

Paper Craft Sessions With The Children.

PaperCraftFriday!  #EveryChildCanLearn  #BringItOn!! <3 p="" x=""> #WeMadeThisTogether #CreativitySpeaksInEveryChild..

Some Donated Books For The Children

Thank You, @Divine Catalyst of Care Foundation for the donated books. We appreciate your kind gestures. When you gift a child, you bring on the smiles..and a happy face. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and donation.

Quality Education: Every Stakeholder Counts..

When parents and guardians gather, there is always so much to talk about. 
It was the pre-resumption Parents Forum on Saturday, 13th of August, 2016.
Theme: Our collective responsible in promoting quality education for all in the 21st Century. Special thanks to everyone who showed up.

Exciting Visitations & Updates & Thank You. :)

Dear Friend,
It's a good morning to you our dear friend.
We thank you SPECIALLY for your care, your support, and donations which have made indelible impact in the lives of everyone whose path has crossed ours. Or how would you explain the joy that comes with achievement of a good result and graduation from an high school when all hope of secondary education seemed lost for Emmanuel?? Or how would you explain the smiles and excitement that comes from the 36 students who were sponsored for the 2016  GCE examination??

To  a very senior manager in Standard Chartered Bank, who visited us again last week Saturday to speak with parents of sponsored children, how do we thank you enough, sir? Thank you for the support accorded the teachers, especially! It's funny, but the truth is that 3-4 of the teachers have now been sponsored to further their education, as well. Lord! help us to get some good replacement. :). Thank you Sir for all you do.

 To Ms. Dolapo Oyefeso, Mrs. Taiye, thank yo…

For Hands and Eye Coordination Exercise, Went a-Loom Knitting!

We cannot hold a torch to light other's path without brightening our own.

Today, we kicked started skills acquisition training series with Mrs. okeyele, a volunteer facilitator. She taught the children the art of #loomKnitting.

#HandsEyesCordination #loomKnitting #FingerKnitting
#WeExceededClosingHour #AdditiveKnitting #FunFiling #TomorrowIsAGoodDay

Project sponserd by A Ray of Hope, U.K.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Summer Hols to World Children ... 

Photograph: Tosin Taiwo (Founder, Street to School) with some sponsored children at Helper's Academy.