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Reading Partner

Summer coaching is here again and we need volunteers as reading partners to teach previously out-of-school children how to read.  Would you be our partner,  please? We got hundreds of donated books from the United States of America. So assuredly,  it is gonna be fun packed with varieties of books to read from... Location is Ipaja,  Alimosho LGA, Lagos State, Nigeria. July 31- August 31st. Let's do this together..! For the children..

2017 GCE Sponsorship Scheme, Closed.


It is the end of an academic session, and we are not ungrateful... Special Shout Out to Everyone For The Massive Support Received Towards The Education Programs of The Children We Work With... Thank You For Your Sponsorship, Donations,  Volunteerism,  Mentorship, Book Donations, Kind Wishes, Great Thoughtfulness! Most Importantly, Thank You For Believing In Us. And, in the Dream Of The African Child... It Has Been An Amazing Session, With You (yes, You!).Thank YOU For All You.
Tosin Taiwo
"Education.. .every child deserves a chance"
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This is Why We Have Been Mute..

A Pleasant Morning, Dear Friends!! Thank you veeery much for reading our mails, sending responses, and attending to the needs of the less priviledged. We couldn't have asked God for better friends and child sponsors! We thank you SO much. Here is a some quick updates...and why we have been quiet for some time....
GCE Sponsorship
For the first time in 7 years, we had 862 students apply for the GCE sponsorship scheme. It's been a rigorous exercise, selecting our targets. We are thankful to our sponsors this year, Mr. AnonymousS (USA) who sponsored 25 students and Mr. AnonymousE (Nigeria) who sponsored 2 persons!!! The application is still on, let's know if you'd love to sponsor a child, please. It costs N14,450 (bank rate)

Visit to Domino's Pizza
Yesterday, we had our graduating class of 2017 (Primary 5/6) pupil of Helper's Academy visit DOMINO's PIZZA. It was an educational tour to learn the art of pizza-making. Apparently, 100% of the children were visiting f…

Donated Books From the United States!

This week, we took delivery of books donated to us by some organisations in the United States, this was done through a book drive coordinated by Mrs. Imoleayo Adeyeri.

To everyone involved in this project, we  can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and selflessness. This donation means so much to the children we serve in a rural area and street.
Guess what?
Our Literacy class has just been revamped! It sure gonna be an exciting summer school this year. Thank you so much for your donations. It matters.
Thank you, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy! Thank you, Lumina Foundation Half Price Books!! Thank you, Silicon Valley Community Foundation. Thank you, Mrs. Imoleayo.
Thank you, everyone.
Tosin Taiwo
Founder, Street to School Initiative
Nigeria, Africa.