Monday, March 27, 2017

ICT Training Amidst Rainstorm Devastation? Yes! Learning Goes On...

Facilitators from @oyafix @farouktackie
#ThankYou #GodBless.

Special thanks and admiration to @theone.ekoatlantic for the donated laptops, last year. #ThankfulStill #EducationCounts #OutOfSchoolChildren #StreetKids #RuralAreas

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Every penny counts...

Saturday, March 25, 2017

When A Photographer Came Visiting. The Question. The Children Curiousity. Our Fundraising.

The aftermath of rainstorm that took place on Monday afternoon was devastating as many families have been rendered homeless. Our school was largely affected as the classrooms were flooded and the roofing came off. We seek your donation to rebuild and to support families of our scholars affected by this disaster. Kindly donate to our cause here:
A Photographer's visit to one of the affected homes on Thursday, 24th of March, 2017.

This photograph displays an interaction with the photograph Ola Taiwo affecting his visitation to affected families. He wanted to know how/where the families of the children affected would sleep?

We have no special talents, We are only passionately curious....
Photograph shows some of our scholars, having a good look at the camera and laptop.


Friday, March 24, 2017

JAKES: An Evident of Impact.

Jakes *not real name, was 10 years old when he joined us in 2015. He could not read, write nor was he good at numeracy. He had repeated classes several times while in public school and, his mum had literally given up on him. He was in Basic 3. So, we took him in with open arms.

Yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised when his mum showed up very early in the morning at the school (attached photograph). Not to request for a thing. But, to say a BIG thank you to all the teachers for the evident impact on Jakes . Now, he's greatly improved in his subjects and can now read, write. He's got one of the best teachers. Thank you United Parcel Service for the seed grant in kicking off this initiative in 2015. Thank you Ms. Taiye Faloju, Mrs. Patricia Igbokwe, Mr. Odewale Olaniyi, Mr. Efosa Obazee, Mr. Teslim Belo-Osagie, Mr. Tunde Majiyagbe, Mrs. Toroti, Mrs. Tolulope, Mrs. Damoye, Mrs. Adesike, Mrs. Falstrom, Mr. Kenny, Don McBurney, Ms. Kehinde Adebiyi, Mrs. Akinlade, Ms, Kujenya Joke, Mrs. Toyin, Mr. Chike, and everyone, too numerous to mention. Thank you all SO much for believing in our school cause. We would not have been able to do all we do without your concerted effort. You are incredibly awesome. Thank you. 


SSI Team
"​education​..every child deserves a chance"
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our Dilemma. Call For Help. We are Moving.

  Dear Sir/Ma,

We are hoping that this mail meets you in good health. Thank you so much for all you do for poor children in under-served communities.

A Quick Recap
Two years ago, through your support we were able to meet the educational needs of some out-of-school children in a community where accessibility to government owned school is poor, and private schools, unaffordable due to lack.  We established a non-profit school to serve the community children amongst whom are vulnerable kids, orphans and house maid. We have grown from 3 kids to 120 scholars. We have donated textbooks, and provided other basic educational needs, and at present, they are served lunch, twice in a week. Fully sponsored by some of you! Thank YOU.

Our Dilemma
We have been fine, until on Monday afternoon, 20th of March.
There was boisterous wind and rainstorm. It shattered homes in the community. Wrecked structures. Deaths recorded of pregnant women and a bike rider. Our scholars' homes were affected as shown in attached photographs which was captured during our visit. Our classrooms flooded, books destroyed and extension classrooms, caved in. It was devastating.

Our Plan
We aspire to move the school to a safer environment, and, not close to high tensions as we presently have it. We hope to support families of our scholars affected. Almost all of the buildings close to it, were destroyed, and death recorded. We believe with your support, we can help give the children a better learning space.
We have reopened our gofundme page, for online donation. Kindly support....Every kobo counts and would be accounted for..Our Total Budget is N14,921,000

To donate in kind, please call YOMI 08067609794. Or send donation to Street to School Initiative GTBank, 0162126614. Donated items would be distributed according to affected families and every progressive update/report sent to you.

If we do not take these steps, some children aspirations may be truncated, and hope for formal education, dashed. Already, many of the affected families have contacted us, as an NGO for help. Your support during this time of need would be appreciated by the children, their parents and everyone of us.

Thank you in anticipation.
SSI Team
"..every child deserves a chance"
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Monday, March 20, 2017

He is Back

Oh My God! We are elated to inform you that ..............our Tosin is BACK!!! Mama brought him back, eventually! No child deserves to be out of school in the 21st Century. No child. So, today, our joy knew no bound as we welcome Tosin back to school. Recap: due to homelessness and inability of Tosin's mum to meet pressing family needs, Tosin was sent to the village in Edo state, to live with his grandmother. Tosin and his younger one. Their education was put on hold. As the future look so uncertain, and dreadful for mama, who still struggled with the homeless situation in Lagos state. When, we realised Tosin's absence in school, we went fundraising so as to rent an apartment for the family, and have Tosin back with us in school!
Today, we are excited to have Tosin with us, after his travelled to the village to get him. Mama's trip was fully sponsored. Special thanks to everyone who donated to our cause. Your support matters.

" I was surprised to see my mother on Saturday"

 "Yes, I am happy to be back"

And, when asked what is utmost need is, he said FOOD. We are hoping to meet this needs, too...

#GivingEveryChildOpportunity2Learn. #Because. #EVERYChildDeservesIt #Education.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

UPDATE: #BringBackOurTosin

Meeting with Tosin's mum on Friday.

Effort has been made to bring back the children however, the feedback this morning was that, there is no transportation fare to get the children back from Aghor in Delta (somewhere close to Edo). So, the mum is going to travel as soon as she can, to have them back. Thank you all for this.

Out of the money raised, N95,000. We are giving her N10,000 for travels, because, having the children back is paramount. Very very. Lol. It's the #BringBackOurTosin project.

2nd picture, was when mama heard about your effort, your donations, your support. Thank You.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#BringBackOurTosin: Education is Crucial.

ProjectUpdate: You don't work with children and not be emotionally attached. Ko le wherk. :p.

For some 23months now, Street to School Initiative, through her school intervention program (HelpersAcademy) has been 'responsible' for the primary education of more than 100 children, who were previously school drop-outs and out-of-school. The road has been rough. Yet, exciting, as meeting the academic needs of enthusiastic learners can't be less fun. :).
From 3 kids, we have grown to over 110 children...some of these children, we met on the street hawking, some were indoor-bound (usually locked in while other children go to school) and, others were referred to us. Yes! We sure have so much to be thankful to God for, over every child whose path has crossed ours. It's alot of work and kind of special school, because unlike other schools, the age of the child doesn't determine the class. There is huge disparity, and been out of school for a long time has played some defining role in their academic age.

Unlike other private schools, when a scholar doesnt show up in school, we go after them. Yes, fa. Lol. We visit their home immediately, and, sometime with a rod in the hand (yes, egba pankere does it better.. :p as some of these children are so used to staying at home!). And, no we dont leave their houses until they follow us back to school....except in some exceptional cases -illness. :(

Okay, I am saying all of these because...

For some days now, one of our students has been absent. And, it's been difficult reaching out to him, because the family has been facing some challenges. They have been homeless. Living in some church building etc. (I tell ya, these children are survivors!!! They are stronger than you know, mostimes).

The challenges never tell on Tosin, my namesake. He is an enthusiastic learner. An optimist, always with a smile.

So, mama came today to inform us, that she has sent her three children back to the village in Edo state because there is no food, no place to stay again.

As in, Tosin? Gone back to the village just like that without plans to fix him in school? Isnt it same Tosin we have registered freely for the National Examination which would come up in some weeks time. No. Ko possible. Then, I told her, mama we need Tosin back! We can't afford to lose him now, he is writing CE this year, and his collegues have started preparations already.
We would get you money to rent a room apartment, we would get you some foodstuffs to keep his hope alive, but on one condition. #BringBackOurTosin.

Mama says she has some N10,000. She is a trader, she hawks.

To help: Accommodation is N36,000 per annum. (2years = N72,000). Agency etc: N20,000. 

Please, help bring our Tosin back to learn by sending your donation to Street to School Initiative, GTBank, 0162126614.
Mama has promised to...#BringTosinBack.

Street to School Team
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Training: Model Numeracy and Literacy Lesson Plan

Are you a primary school teacher in Alimosho area and suburb? If yes! There is going to be a training for low cost private school teachers on #Numeracy and #Literacy by DFID DEEPEN on Wednesday 8th of March, 10am. Venue: Dee Ultimate Comprehensive School, Ikola off command road, ipaja. Call 08034093287 for further info.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Thank You, Deeply!

It's a new month already, and this is us, sending a HUGE thank you note to everyone who has made our #SchoolFoodProgram possible.

Thank you so much, for the children.
Thank You, deeply. Happy New Month.