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Whoot! Special Special thanks to our friends and partners who made this project below possible, thaaaaaaaaank you sooooooo much! #BringBackOurTosin. 
Recap Last year, we decided to support this young man here, when he was facing some real difficult times, with his family. Our little friend who was in basic 5, was withdrawn from a good private school in the neighborhood, to our free school, because of lack of funding as mama couldn't pay the bills anymore. House rent expired. So, family moved to a church building some meters away! Yet. This young man wouldn't miss school. He kept coming....and coming, so we registered him freely for the common entrance examination so he could move on to the next rung of his academic ladder with his mates. However, before we could say Jack and see Jill, Mama had sent him back to the village!! Vi-what? No. This wouldn't happen. No. Not when we had registered him for his exams? Noo way! 
So we had a deal with mama... "what if we get you some…