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We Are Not Fragile..!

Throw Back Thursday To One of Our Newest Friends And Scholar,  Losing Her Mother With Four Siblings at a Tender Age. * Only Surviving Child. *Been Out of School for Some Good Years... Yet, Still Standing. #WeGotOurSmilesOnStill
We are thankful for all our Child Sponsors.
#SchoolDropOuts #Street2SchoolNG #Street2School #ChampionInEveryChild

Herbal Drink is NOT Primary Health Care!

We Need Volunteer Teachers.

Application form is accessible here:

2018 GCE Sponsorship Program: Call For Application

We wish to inform the public that our  annual GCE sponsorship program is ongoing. To register for our sponsorship, Click HERE or here: 'SPONSOR ME'

Terms and Conditions, Apply.

Street to School Management.

#ShoeSwap Project..

Thank You, GGP, Japan Embassy!

What do you do when you work in a community where accessibility to education and quality health care is so poor for children and women?
You seek for help. Support. Collaboration.

We are so thankful to the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria for coming through for us, on this!! #HealthCare!
Thank you Japan for being so thoughtful of our community.

We are BIG News on Africa-America Institute's Page.

Good Morning Friends,
On the Africa-America Institute's radar, we deserve some accolades....some congratulations for our feat. Please, read their post in the attached document or you can visit their page!! 
We use this medium to thank you all for being part of our success story. We love you and thank for everything you do to make our dream come through. May God bless you more. 

Meanwhile, it is that time of the year again when we support young people to register freely for the GCE examination. Last year, our call for target youth went viral and we had over 1,074 applicants from  36 states of the federation!! It was huge and thus, so challenging to pick best 35 candidates.
To sponsor a youth this year, it costs N15, 000 (inclusive of N500, bank charge). Let's do this, together again. 
Once again, we thank you all for all you do. May God bless you more and more and more. We are here, because of your support...always. We give God the accolades.✌

THANK YOU From ALL of us. Street …

Exchange Program. We are excited!

We are excited about our new friends and pupils of a primary school in Connecticut, U.S. 
It is the second time that we would be giving exchange program, a shot! Thankfully, ati le soo oyinbo daada ni sinyi ... 😜😄
In our next session, we would be discussing Language... #EdeYoruba! Huge appreciation to you,  David Omololu Aiyeola!!! Thank you for the efforts and support. 

Ko si omo ti ko le mo iwe... Don't forget that in every child is a seed of greatness, waiting to be explored... #Street2SchoolNG

When Funmi Nehan Outreach Visits

We can't thank you enough for coming. Your made our day... Thank you for granting our WISHES of school furniture, food stuff and mobile multimedia speakers!!! Thank you, Funmi Nehan Outreach. 

When DeCake Shoppe Visits..

Thank You friends for everything.  Thank you for the story books, delicious cakes, drinks and lots more. . . You made our Children's Day Celebration SO memorable!  Thank You. 

When RensGroup, UK Visits...

Thank you for the donated books, thank you for the visit to our community .We appreciate it and look forward to more visits 😊 #PhotoSpeaks