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Another Sponsored Student Graduates From the University!

#Street2SchoolNG  #UniversityGraduate #5YearsOfFullSponsorship #MonthlyStipendEtc #SponsorsAreHeroes See Attached Document..

We Do NOTHING Magical.  No, Nothing Special.  What We Do Is What Anyone Would Do If They Have The Opportunity To Do So.
Our Joy Is Knowing That No Child is Left Behind In Attaining Good Education. Our Joy is Seeing Them Moving on to the Next Rung of their Academic Ladder. Living Life, Intentionally. Fulfilling God's Purpose. Thank you, Mr. Efosa Obazee.
To All Our Sponsors and Friends...  We Ask God To Keep Blessing You More 💖🙏
Thank You!

SSI Team
"..every child deserves a chance"

Not His Fault That He Was A Street Boy!

"This young man here inspires us SO greatly. I never knew I could look a teacher and a school head in the eyes and give them a piece of my mind until Saudiq came into the picture! He strengthened my voice for advocacy

He was a victim of bullying. And,  not only was he bullied by his classmates but by his classteacher, too! His crime was that, the private school we enrolled him seems too "TUSHED" to have a supposed street boy in their classroom! Sadly, his classmates and teacher were used to seeing him as a street boy, who hawks and never go to school, until we intervened in 2012/13. God bless all our sponsors 🙏🙏

At 10years old, and in basic 1, this teacher never believed in him. She would use the came on him at the slightest provocation, at other times, she would give the rod to his classmates to do the flogging on her behalf!!! The marks on his body said it all... Until gradually, our Saudiq lost his enthusiasm towards learning. He wouldn't want to go to school,…

The Japanese Intervention Project. A sneak peak to an ongoing project.

Achieving the Strategic Development Goals #SDGs in Health is one of the many corporate social interventions of the Japanese Embassy in Nigeria.

We are thankful for their support to improving on the healthcare facility I'm the community that we serve.

Thank You for giving our children, mothers access to quality health care. Thank You For making #EveryChildCounts.

We are so excited about this...! And we look forward to the commissioning date!!🙏

Watch this space for more updates.. ! We are excited for the children and mothers.

Every child deserves access to quality health care! Thank you, The Japanese Government! Domo Arigatou ....


School Supplies Drive

The Critical Things.

#Exerpt from TosinTaiwo's Facebook page.  Exciting read... 
We have been working for some three years now and today, Bims (not real name) was like, Tosin I don't even know your kids??! Me: 😊😊😊😊😊 Bims: You don't talk about them on Facebook.  Me: 😊😊😊😊😊 Bims: Your children don't even benefit from all of the giftings here. People don't even know that you are married. You are #DoingSoMuchForOtherChildren. Me: scrolling through my phone to show her photographsssssss :)😊😊😆 
In as much as family comes next after God. Some callings are critical, too. #IThought
Today, we sent forth some of our pupils. Five of them and third graduating set in three years. Most of whom were previously primary school drop-outs, without any hope of getting back to school. Children who had lost some years of studying due to financial constraints in the home. Some were street hawkers. Others were usually locked up indoors. I could remember during our street walk in past years, how we…

You Need to Watch This Video...!! #OurStory in One Year

You Got To Watch This Video

A Flash Back...To When The Journey to Owning a Good School Space Was Gloomy After Several Meetings With The Community Heads and The State Officials

All We Asked For Was a Government Owned School for The Community That We Serve. It Was Sad to Watch The Number of Out of School Children On Our Waiting List, Grow... As We Had Fewer Child Sponsors
So, While We Hope For A Bigger Miracle... We Got OurSelves Busy... As We Weren't Going to Wait For What the Government Can Do For Us Anymore. We Taking the Steps, Till Every Child is Serve

We Aspire Towards Opening Another Tuition -Free School for the Underserved Children in the Society. #GivingUpIsntAnOption #WeHaveAMandate #ToHisGlory

Special Appreciation to Everyone on This Journey, We Can't Thank You All Enough. 🙏🙏 And, to @obaforehanmi, You Are An Uncommon Angel 😇 #Blessings

#Africa #OSC #Nigeria #Lagos #Street2SchoolNG #Education #EveryChildMatters #LetTheChildrenLearn
#simplechangebigimpact #AfricanCh…