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The Critical Things.

#Exerpt from TosinTaiwo's Facebook page. 
Exciting read... 

We have been working for some three years now and today, Bims (not real name) was like, Tosin I don't even know your kids??!
Me: 😊😊😊😊😊
Bims: You don't talk about them on Facebook. 
Me: 😊😊😊😊😊
Bims: Your children don't even benefit from all of the giftings here. People don't even know that you are married. You are #DoingSoMuchForOtherChildren.
Me: scrolling through my phone to show her photographsssssss :)😊😊😆 

In as much as family comes next after God. Some callings are critical, too. #IThought

Today, we sent forth some of our pupils. Five of them and third graduating set in three years. Most of whom were previously primary school drop-outs, without any hope of getting back to school. Children who had lost some years of studying due to financial constraints in the home. Some were street hawkers. Others were usually locked up indoors. I could remember during our street walk in past years, how we would go from house to house, street to street, identifying with those children who had been out of school. We would get them gifts, buy them notebooks, do everything to 'entice' them and make education appealing. To some, we got them sponsors who supported their basic education, others weren't so lucky....but we never gave up till we opened a school to close a prison door. We worked as though our lives depended on those acts, (it was crazy!) because to us, we believe that in every child is an iota of greatness waiting to be explored. We firmly believe that in every child regardless of the circumstance, is an embodiment of untapped potentials! 

We believed and still believe in the dreams of those children not related by blood as much as I do my kids. 
Okay, so today, I woke up to these creative piece of art made by my little one. An aspiring mechanical engineer.😎😎🙏💪

Special admiration and appreciation to everyone who understands and sojourn with us. Thank you, heartily. 💖

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Excerpt from Tosin Taiwo's Facebook Page. 

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