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Out of School. Back to School.

While There Are Millions Of Out Of School Children in Africa. All We Want To Do Is To Identify With And Help One Child At a Time. So Help Us God. #TinyDrops.

#Street2schoolNG #MakingEveryChildCount

High School Registration: CHECKED FOR ANOTHER CHILD.

In September, 2018, Joy (not real name)  gained admission into government-owned junior high school, however she was not able to resume with other students because there was resource at home. No funding to initiate the registration process. Joy lives with her aged grandmother and uncle. Every morning, she would seat outside to watch other children go to school, while she stays back. 
Yesterday, was all shapes of excitement for Joy, as Street to School Initiative was able to sponsor her registration processes, and donate to her educational items in preparation for the workload ahead! 
Sponsor A Child With Us by sending us a mail via @Street2SchoolNG@gmail. Com.
We look forward to putting smiles on the faces of these little ones. 

Thank you, Moore Philanthropy!

Update as Shown on The Embassy of Japan FB Page.

We got a mention on the facebook page of the embassy of Japan in Nigeria.  Our appreciation for the huge support. 

Did You Notice?

Did You Notice Our Uniform On That Young Girl? 😇

Well, This Is Not Our School 😀

It Is a Neighbouring Government Owned High School Where Some Of Our Pupils Have Transitioned To After Primary Education.

We Have More Than 15 Students Here Enrolled Here, Already.

So, Yesterday, We Went Visiting To Help Enrol One of Them Who Hasn't Been Able To Register Due To Lack of Funding.

And, We Were Warmly Welcomed By Most Of Our Beneficiaries In This School.

Children Are Awesome. So, Are Sponsors. 💪🙏🏼 Thank You, Sponsor.

To Support More Children. Kindly send donation to GTBank, 0162126614, Street2School

Meeting The Needs of Children in Other Schools.

From the archives, today. And, that was some 5 years back. Donating to the needs of needy Children In Other Schools. #EducationMatters#Back2School#Project#TheTeam #Project

Dialogue With A Banker.

A Dialogue With a Banker.

Today, we had a staff  member of EcoBank visit us,  It was some great time to learn about the banking system and where money comes from. Thank you, Mrs. Adeniyi. You made banking exciting..!

#GirlsWhoLearn #NotTooLateToGoToSchool.
#EveryChildDeservesAChance #DreamsComeTrue

Science Practical on Blood and Genotype.

Last week, we had the Science crew engage our class 4 and 5 pupils on the subject of blood and the Genotype. It was some simple practical with relatable materials, so enlightening a class.

Thank you, Ms. Ajose Aminat!

Street2SchoolNG: Every Child Counts.

Playground Equipment for Our Scholars: Thank You Funmi Nehan

#PhotoSpeaks. Today, we got donated playground equipment from Funmi Nehan Foundation, U.K  Thank You, So Much for all you do. 

She is A Girl and She is Powerful... #IDGC

In Celebration of the Day of the Girl Child, we got invitation to speak at different schools on the struggles of the girl child. It was exciting to discuss the diverse career  opportunities available for the girl child.

We are girls. We are mega super stars.
We conceive great ideas
We achieve great things.

The attached photographs shows some of our activities in Cedrus Academy and Great Platinum Schools.

The BiG Surprise As Funmi Nehan Visits Tomorrow.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child.

Our Dreams Are Valid, Too.  #HappyInternationalDayOfTheGirlChild #IDOGC #IDGC #Lagos #Nigeria #Education #Girls #GirlPower #Africa #Street2schoolNG #UNESCO

Back2School Project in Badagry.

We are excited to have our friends back to school have spending more than a year at home. Thanks to our friends the support received. Let's keep this, together! 
Every child has a place in the classroom. LetTheChildrenLearn. Having 13.2Million #OutOfSchool Children In Nigeria Is a HUGE Lot. 

Every Child Can

Every Child's Dream is Valid.
#JustSaying 😊 💪💪

These amazing team of pupils belong to the Awolowo group. Interestingly they were able to complete their group project before others.

In 5days, they were able to raise fund to complete their ICT project which entails checking in at a cyber café to make research online.

On Thurday, we would have presentations from all of 8groups! #teamObama #teamObasanjo #teambuhari etc

#teamSpirit #teamWork #WeDidIt! #EveryChildCan

Providing for Another Child.

It has been some months of improvement on her health status. We are thankful, still.

#LifeIsAGift #OneOfOurSuperStars 🌟

Every support and donation made to us helps us to reach out to more vulnerable children out there. The needs are huge.

Support us so we can help more.. 🙏🏼
Every child deserves a chance to formal learning.

Meanwhile... Happy Teachers' Day.

Our Scholars are Mega Stars. However, there are NO Mega Stars without Super Heroes. Our Teachers Are The Super Heroes.  Today,  We Celebrate Them. 💪💪💪
Happy Teachers' Day.

This Is Worrisome.

Full Story Here. ..

In October 2017.

Exactly One Year Ago we moved from here... Please SWIPE

For 2years, 6months more than 100 enthusiastic learner gathered here to learn

A community where accessibility to affordable/ government owned schools is poor, is a breeding space for out-of-school children, as not every parent/guardian can afford private education

From 3kids, we grew to over 100 in less than a year. Our door wasn't open to all kids. 🙏🏼 just strictly for out of school and primary school drop outs

Before we moved, we had 14 previously out of school children transitioned from here to high school

Today, we are SO thankful to everyone who has been on this journey with us. You don't know how much your support means to us. Thank you for believing in us and having our back

We have been so blessed to have you all as friends, and we know it. Thank you for all you do. #ThankYou

Together, we have been doing more 💪💪💪 #LetTheChildrenLearn #Education #EveryChildDeservesAChance

BagSwap Project : Thank You, La Roche Foundation

A Few days ago, we received donation of bags, notebooks and reading books from LA Roche Leadership Foundation. 
This helps us to swap bags with children whose school bags were in poor shape. It was fun while this lasted. As every child got a new bag, and we hope this makes coming to school more exciting.
We do this, to make coming to school exciting and not boring.