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Thank You, Friends And Partners.

Please, let's do more in 2019.

Thank You, 2018

Here is our dance expression when we realised we have got so much to be thankful for 💖

Thank you, friends.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas 🎄 🌲 🎄🌲🎄
~From all of us at @Street2SchoolNG

Building Bridges to Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education

This week, we were featured on a Canadian online publication. To read the full article which was co-written by our founder and other amazing inclusive leaders, kindly visit:  
#inclusiveleadership  #MakingEveryChildCount  #street2schoolNG #EducationCounts

Learning SDGs.

Thank you, @ireadnetwork for the donated Books on Strategic Development Goals. It is our first book on SDGs, and we are excited already to know about all of the global goals. Thank you

Why Sickle Cell Anemia Advocacy Should Be Domesticated.

He's had crisis more than three times this year.
Parents were unaware of his medical predicament.
Until, he fainted in school and we had to rush him to the clinic. Alas, his diagnosis. He is a warrior.
A sick cell carrier. Parents were confused. 
He takes his herbs very well, mama said.
After some days off school.
He resumed again.
Then, a dose of another crisis.
Such a brilliant 7years old young man
Poor moi, that day, I cried more than everyone at the clinic. Mama came, later and the breaking news was that plans had been concluded to take our little friend to the village in December. 🙆🙆

He is 'abiku'. Mama believes. (#Abiku is a term used for little ones whose life expectancy is extremely  low). In the village, we would get the right herbal medications. There are concentrated herbal medicine in Osun -mama reiterated.

When we heard the word 'village'. Two things, we did:
1. We ensured mama did not leave the clinic until proper orientation on the subject matter (…

Recognition and Award to Street to School Initiative by Ikola Community

The founder of Street to School Initiative was recognized and thus, presented with an award on the 14th of September, 2018 by the community leaders and elders of Ikola Odunsi Community.


Attached herewith are some photographs of event during the award ceremony in the presence of the Commissioner for Wealth Creation and Employment and the Ambassador of Japan in Nigeria.

The Japanese Sponsored Project in Ikola Community

Click on the video above to watch this year GGP project in Ikola which was sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria, with Street to School Initiative as the implementing partner.

The Motivation To Do More...

The video clip above shows our motivation story and the need to do more..
Thank you for watching. We appreciate all our friends.

Merrrrrrry Christmasssss.


Join us by supporting this cause, let's do this  together, bringing smiles on the faces of under-served children and their families....🙏🏼

More Than 13 Million School-age Children Out of School in Nigeria - UN

UN: In Nigeria More Than 13 Million School-age Children Out of School


A survey conducted by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) indicates that the population of out of school children in Nigeria has risen from 10.5 million to 13.2 million, the highest in the world. Most of these children are in Nigeria's northern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, where Boko Haram insecurities have disrupted academic activities. The indistinctive chatter of young children playing outdoors is very familiar. The boys are playing football while the girls are jumping around. Most of the children are out of school while some have never been to school. Favour Shikaan a mother, is not left out of the fun. She joins the children's play. But sometimes she worries about her children’s future. "They are four in number and... two are going…

Union Bank Award: Nominate Us, Please..

Kindly nominate us for the Union Bank Award, by simply visiting their site and filling the application form. Some of our details that are required on the form are given below:

Or visit

Our Details You'd Need:

Name of NGO: Street to School Initiative

Instagram : @street2schoolNG

Category #QualityEducation





Address: Address: 3, Alhaji Ariyoh Street off Ebedi close, Ikola-Ipaja, Alimosho LGA, Lagos State.

ZipCode: 100275

Thank YOU. 🙏🏼

Street2SchoolNG Founder Graduates from Pan-Atlantic University

Today, We Celebrate Our Founder and Chief Volunteer at @Street2schoolNG - Mrs. @tosinotaiwo as She Wrapped Up Her Program On Social Sector Management at the Enterprise Development Centre, #EDC Pan-Atlantic University.


Special thanks also to @trendymotherr for showing up and identifying with our cause. She has been a great follower and 'silent' volunteer. A lover of children. We love you ma'am.

PS: In the first photograph, @tosinotaiwo is standing 2nd on LHS

Truly, Leadership and Learning are Indispensable To Each Other..

#SSM8 #Changemakers2018 #LBS #PanAtlanticUniversity #Graduation #SocialSector #Street2SchoolNG

Cheers to many more years of impact..

Thank You, Volunteers.

University Education Checked.

Yessss!!!! Here comes another graduate.  #FullySponsored. #HeartyCongratulations.

Undoubtedly, Sponsors are Unsung Heroes. They deserve the awards and accolades. God bless them immensely.

Wouldn't you rather sponsor a child through us? 💪

Yes, you can donate online to help a child back to school. For no child deserves to be left behind in acquiring quality education in this 21st century.  Let's keep sending them back to school.
Donate here:

Thank You, @Flipleaves...!

#ProjectFUTURE: A den of out of school children.

Last week, our founder made a tour to a community where there is huge number of out of school children. Hopefully, our next project would focus on establishing a learning centre for them.... It is the 21st century, and, no child deserves to be left behind..

To support this project, please, contact us. @street2schoolNG on instagram /twitter/facebook.

#LetTheChildrenLearn. #OutOfSchoolChildren

Happy December..