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Women Who Inspire: #WednesdayWomanCrush

Tolulope, a Senior Audit Team Lead at Nestle is a  controller with experience across different functions: Internal Audit, Business Planning and Decision Support,  Customer Trade Spend Management,  Analytics,  Headcount Budgeting/Cost Planning/Analysis, Cost Control and Corporate  Presentations.

Tolulope has been a member of Street to School Advisory Team since 2009 and an amazing child sponsor, she is. Absolutely!

Sponsorship For Entrance Exam!

So 32 of Our Scholars Are Transiting to High School, This Year, September.. It is a Mixed Feeling, Already.😭😊 We Are SO thankful for everyone who got our back.



2019 Year Plan and Year Theme

Hi Friends,
Attached Herewith Is Our Year Plan. Swipe to Know What Our Year Theme Is!

Together, We Do Lots More. #2019 #January #February #March #April #May #June #July #August #September #October #November #December #YearPlan #YearTheme #SchoolCalendar #street2schoolinitiative #street2schoolng #Nigeria #Lagos #OutOfSchoolChildren #OutOfSchool #SDGs #UNESCO #Malala #EducationLiberates #education

Skill Acquisition Class For Mothers of Sponsored Children

FREE Skills Acquisition Class for Vulnerable Women and Mothers of Sponsored Children Kicked Off Today.
We are Thankful For Our Partner and Sponsor. #street2schoolinitiative #Street2SchoolNG

A throwback to celebrate day of education.

Still On International Day of Education.

A Throwback Picture.

First Photograph was taken some years back during our #StreetWalk - Usually A timeout to identify with out of school kids in the community, and supp

Second photograph happened today. We literary still share same hairstyle. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜† This year, Tope would be transiting to high school. #Sponsored.
Every child can learn if given a chance.

Education is a public good. A public responsibility.

Day of Education

Happy Day of Education.

International Day of Education. Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility. The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 24 January as International Day of Education, in celebration of the role of education for peace and development. #Street2SchoolNG

Sustainable Development Goal 4

We are Concerned About The Sustainable Development Goal 4. We Are SDGs4-driven. Promoting quality education for all.

We Are Concerned About the Number of Out of School Children in the World, In Africa, In Nigeria.
Education Is fundamental to growth and development. We know.

Education, is the great leveller.

PS: swipe to see photographs of  some out-of- school children that we met with today during our #StreetWalk.

StreetWalk is a time to launch out to the street, to identify with out of school children. This exercise is usually done DURING school hours when other kids have gone to school, already.
#street2schoolinitiative #street2schoolng #LetTheChildrenLearn #EducationIsAGreatLeveller
#Africa #Nigeria #Lagos

Our Visit to Kilimanjaro, Our Year Calendar and Lots More..

Connecting the Children To The Future:
That is our theme for this year, we are connecting the kids!
Kindly find attached herewith our 2019 Program Calendar. There are a few projects on our minds, and a wishlist of places to visit for excursion with the kids, places such as ICT companies, Skills Training Centre etc. Please, do let us know if you have better ideas of great places to visit. We are ready to explore..! 
Visit to Kilimanjaro On the 19th of January, we had one of our Patrons and
Amazing Child Mentor visit Mount Kilimanjaro, bearing our flag in support of our work! Mr. Tunde Majiyagbe, a senior bank official has been of great help since 2009, supporting and mentoring an high school student till the young man graduated from the University! See earlier post for their
#Challenge, attached. We thank You for all the beautiful things you do, Mr. Tunde. .

Meeting With Parents of Sponsored Kids Our first meeting this year with parents of sponsored kids
was held last week Friday. Sad…

More of our #10YearsChallenge

In 2009, we kicked off our first social program tagged Youth Mentoring Youth. It was out first program ever as a non governmental organisation whose objective is to improve on the academic performance of high school students through mentorship. Excitedly, we have over 60 going professionals and mature adults sign up yo mentor high school students through our platform.

One of such amazing volunteer mentors, was Mr. Tunde as shown in the attached Photographs. He was paired with young Farouq, as shown in the Photograph too!

Well, It has been 10years since we paired them, and officially closed the Mentoring scheme. However, the bond between both of them keeps growing stronger.

Making Impact is Inevitable in Our Daily Affairs.

We Recreated this Photograph of One of Our Sponsored Children In Other Schools, Today.

SWIPE to See If There is Any Difference in the two photographs....While we wait for you to guess the year interval.

Bose Lives With Her Single Mum, with hearing disability. And, One Of The Ways We Thought We Could Help Momma Was By Empowering Our Friend Through Education Sponsorship. At Present, Our Little One is In Basic 4.

Photograph Shows A School Teacher With Tosin Taiwo, Founder of Street to School Initiative.

Photograph 1: During Registration.
Photograph 2: During Impact Evaluation.

Someone is all grown up, already! πŸ˜†
Special Thanks To Her Sponsor Who Has Been Undoubtedly Aamazing.

Our #10YearsChallenge

Our 10YearsChallenge.   2009: Visit to Little Saint Orphanage Home With Some High School Students To Donate Sporting items to the kids.
2018: We Got More Kids In Our Care To Serve. Still Serving ThemπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ #Street2SchoolNG #10YearsChallenge 

Seven Years Of Friendship.

Today, we had two of our sponsored kids visit us. And, while one of them transited from elementary school to neighbouring High School last year, the other, transited two years ago.
They are two of the twenty two previously out of school children that have successfully transited to high school.

As an organisation that promotes quality education for all, regardless of the circumstance. We believe in the dream of every child.
So today, we are thankful for impactful #partnerships and support received. Attached photographs illustrate 7years of Sponsorship of a previously street child.
First Picture Below: First day at school in 2013.
Second Picture: His Visit to our office, today to get some literature books.
Together, we achieve more. 

Appreciation to Every Giant.


Stumbling on these pictures this morning brings back load of memories. Wow! This was in 2013 during the Walter Carrington Youth Fellowship Award Program at the C.G's residence.

The recognition and award was LEAST expected, as I was too focused on getting the project done in good time, and lives, impacted. This day, walking to the podium was the biggest challenge. I could literarily feel the ground cracking upπŸ˜†πŸ˜† Lol. If you still don't know, I am a very shy person.... 😊😎.

Today, I am SO thankful for every giant whose shoulder has been a standing point for me to see further. You are kind. Absolutely!

Thank you for believing in this girl's dream. Last year, I could remember how Mrs. @Adesola Ayo-aderele sent her undergraduate daughter to intern with us. Then, she brought some two more of her colleagues. Till date, their commitment towards community service and impact driven lifestyle would always be remembered.

Once …

As School Resumes...

It's School Time and We Are Excited to Be Back!

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.
From Us to You.