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#Project Moosi: Empowering Kids!

According to Albert Einstein, Once We Stop Learning, We Start To Dye

Project 'Moosi' is all about knowledge acquisition in the digital sphere. We aspire to know more in order to do more.

Thanks to @reelfoundation for the support and shared e-resources. #Partnership

#LetTheChildrenLearn #Computing #Technology #street2schoolNG #ProjectMoosi #DigitalLiteracy

We Are Passionately Curious!

The picture attached herewith shows some of our scholars, operating a computer system.

The expression on their faces tell how amused they were to be behind the screen. #passionatelyCurious

#Girls #GirlPower #DigitalLiteracy #EquippingKids #LetTheChildrenLearn #education #Computer

Project Moosi Begins...

With the Digital literacy project, we hope to improve the kids' reading-writing skills, but without paper, pencils, books, etc.
Our digital device tools are laptops, phonepads and screen protector for use.
-We have got a class Internet start page -- to curate websites, widgets, and other digital resourceful tools used for learning. -We have the e-reader Prestigio, which enables us to Open epub, mobi files. -We have the WorldReader App, which contains loads of free books that can be accessed offline. -Okada Books app has a lot of free books too.
A school website or blog -- to share class activities with parents and other stakeholders. 
Student digital portfolios -- to curate and collect student work for viewing and sharing.
Student e-mail -- or some method of communicating quickly with students outside class time. This can be messaging, Twitter, or on our website.
We are a work in progress.
#LearningLiberates#Street2SchoolNG. #ProjectMoosi#DigitalLiteracy#UPS#ThankYOU#REELFoundati…

Project MOOSI: Digital Literacy For Kids.

Reposted from @nnamdijosef -  With the rate of digital transformation in the globe, the need for Digital Literacy amongst both pre-school and school age kids has become imperative like never before.

@street2schoolng in collaboration with @ups Presents to you project MOOSI. A Digital Literacy Program for kids which is aimed at further reinforcing her goal of reducing the 13.2million population of out of school children in Nigerian one child at a time. The program kicked off on Feb 13th-March 26th, 2019.

#childreneducation #moosi #s2sinitiative #unesco #globaleducationfund - #regrann

Project Moosi: Digital Literacy for Kids.

Meeting With The Professionals.

SCROLL to see what happened when the two professionals who trained young Waris Kareem, visited us today.

PS: Waris Kareem @waspa_art is the 11years old hyper realism Artist who drew the portrait of President Macron @emmanuelmacron some months back. Remember him? He was also featured on BBC.

These guys make drawing look so simple. 😭💯🙏 Ayo and Wole are the founders of Ayowole Academy of Art, @ayowoleacademyofarts!


The Equipped Medical Facility in Ikola Welcomes A Medical Doctor

Today, We Are Super Excited😇💯And, You Might Want To Know Why? 

In 2015, we made a complaint through Lagos State Ministry of justice/ Public Advice Centre of the needs of the community we serve. (No School. No Functional Health Centre. Bad Road Networks). Find attached report as shown on their website. 🤔

In 2016, We Had Several Meetings with Government Officials, Such as Ministry of Health, Education, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs etc.
We Were hopeful. .
In 2017/18, When we lost one of our pupils to death and two mothers because they couldn't access quality medical care on time. We couldn't wait any more for the government. We kept intensifying our call for support in the community.
We are SO thankful for the Embassy of Japan for their great support in 2018! They came through with Renovating and Fully Equipping Ikola Primary Healthcare Care. (See Photographs). 
Today, We are excited to Welcome the FIRST MEDICAL D…

Empowering Mothers of Sponsored Kids.

Day 2 #SaturdayProjects #MothersEmpowerment *PastryWork #Chinchin #PuffPuff #Pancake #Making #ProfitingFromSales #BusinessOrientation.

We are thankful for our amazing Sponsor -United Parcel Service (UPS).

Teacher of the Month Award.

Today, We Recognised One Of Our Teachers Making Greater Impact In Our Tuition-Free School For Underserved Children. It Is The Teacher Of The Month Award.

Congratulations, Ms. Adeyemi For Being So  Amazing!  #Teacher #January.
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