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EnviroFit Donates SmartSaver Stove to Rural Women.

We are SO thankful for #ENVIROFIT for the donation of over 100 SmartSaver Charcoal Stoves to Our Community Women! We received stoves for 103 families.

With SmartSaver Charcoal Stove, it's 50% less toxic smoke. 60% more fuel savings and 50% Faster cooking time. #Climate #Environment #Ecosystem #EveryChildCounts!

Thank You, Envirofit for the donation.
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Thank You, Japanese Government for Heeding Our Call for Improved Primary Health Care Centre.

Exactly two years ago, it was gladdening to welcome the staff of Japanese Embassy into Ikola Community for a proposed GGP project inspection. Thankfully, the project was executed and launched on the 14th day of September, 2018.
Our utmost appreciation to the Japanese Government for heeding to our community need for an equipped medical facility. Thank you for supporting a rural community like ours. Thank you for promoting accessibility to quality health care.
Your intervention matters.
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!!
From Street to School Initiative, an Implementing Partner. 

Throwback Thursday 💪

All work and more field trips make learning fun.
Picture 2: Please, don't ask how much time
we spent, waiting for our turn at the escalator?!! 🤓 It was our first experience, as we watched the escalator in total bewilderment.. 🤓😎
Picture 3: We got massive help from passers
by, too, thankfully! 😂 Did we cause a scene? 🙈🙈 Nah, we aren't ara-oko, but Learners. 👌
Picture 4: We learnt what transaction was all about at Shoprite. 💪
Picture 5: The arrival of donated books from @thebookwormcafeng was it!!! It made our day. Books take us on mental journey. Massive thanks to
Picture 6: Readers are Leaders.
Picture 7:  More fun with UPS foundation at the JJT Park 💕
Picture 8: Attending a program at the American Corner at Cc-Hub, Yaba.