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High School Qualifying Exam: CHECKED!

Thirty of our scholars wrote the Common Entrance Examination, yesterday. They are transiting to high school by next term.......!! Now, i don't want to think about how much we would miss them. They have been awesome in every way, absolutely! Wow. It is the FIRST time we would be having such a large number transit at the same time. They are our fourth graduating set of enthusiastic learners.

At the moment, we are trying to get Sponsors for those of them that could do with some support. Trust me, 90% of them are from low/No income families, living with single parents, guardians. Just a few minutes ago, we got some update that one of them, the oldest and 16years old, would be returning to the village immediately after our signing out ceremony on the 9th of August. She is one of the enthusiastic learners you would ever meet. Age was never a barrier. She is a goal getter, a risk taker. She was our head girl. I still don't know what to think about that update, yet. 🤔

Meanwhile, on b…

GCE Sponsorship Program Extended to Inmates

Yesterday, we got a phone call asking us to extend our GCE Sponsorship Program to Inmates in the Nigerian Prison. Today, we visited, and met with some aspiring souls. #FirstTimer. #CamerasNotAllowedWithin.

Thankfully, we were able to sponsor 5 of them to register for the examination. #Street2School.

Thank you Prisoner's Rights Advocacy Initiative (PRAI) for the invitation. 🙏

Next week,we would be revisiting to donate educational items, on request. #EveryonDeservesASecondChance.

Thanks Sponsors and Friends

If we have seen further, it's been by standing on shoulders of amazing humans. Thank you forever, our friends and donors. 💖

#ThankfulStill #RecognitionAward #ThankYou #TepCentre

We Are Thrilled By the NEDIS Award!!!

On July 5th, we clinched a Recognition Award at the Nigerian Education Innovation Summit organised by TEPCentre! 

It is a good thing to be recognised and we are so thankful for this. Thank you TEPCentre. Thank you, Nigeria. Together, we keep doing more, impacting every child, just because...

#EveryChildCounts. Thank you our friends and child sponsors 🙏

First Aid Training For Teachers, Thank You, #FirstAidByLevande

Some days ago, we had an intensive training on First Aid for our teachers. It was such a great learning experience.

Thank you, Dr. Tosin Osikoya! Thank you, @firstaidbylevande for empowering us with the knowledge and skills to protect our loved ones and pupils during life's medical emergencies.

 Thank you, Coach Faloju. #Street2SchoolNG
#Street2SchoolInitiative #FirstAid #FirstAidByLevande. #Health #HealthMatters

#Street2SchoolNG: #EveryChildCounts