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SEVEN years Impact Challenge in one picture.

It's one of our favorite collages with a sponsored child.

Every child can learn and learn well, if given a chance. #2012 and #2019 in one package ❤️ #Street2schoolNG

Nursery 2 versus JSS 3. 🙏💖😇🌟🌟🌟

This young man here, inspired our organization name. Street to School 💖. We celebrate him. #Glory.

Working with Out of School Children.

Working with out-of-school children has always been a year-round event. We have an open door policy, where every child is welcomed, and, it doesn't matter what  academic term it is. 😊. We are always excited to have them in.

Nigeria has a staggering statistic of 11.2 million out of school children, already. The highest in the world. It is is scary. However, there is hope.
So each passing day, we launch out, hoping to get one more child out of the population, and onto a journey of renewed mindset and self discovery. Every child can learn, if given a chance, we believe.
Today, we met some amazing out of school kids. They are eager to give school a try after more than a year out of school... and so are we eager to have them in. Again, we are thankful for all our terrific friends and sponsors. Together, we keep doing more!
We can't de-emphasize the role of education in national development. 😇  #LetTheChildrenLearn#OutOfSchoolChildren#EducateAChild#EveryChildCounts

BagSwap 2019! Let's Swap together, Pls.

Our Back to School Project - #BagSwap is usually carried out few days after school resumption

This helps us greatly to knowing those pupils who need the push ups, You would be amazed at the number of  children in public schools who are without basic learning materials. They got plastic bags #NylonBag to school, instead!

So, THIS YEAR AGAIN. WE ARE SWAPPING SOME BAGS... You can partner with us to do this, Let's Swap together! - Ensuring that no child is left inadequately equipped for learning. ❤️ Send a mail? Or DM us for further details

Education is every child's right
#Street2schoolNG. #BeBold4Impact