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BagSwap Project : Day Two


#BagSwap: Equipping the children for effective learning. It's a revolution and it's here...

Target Schools: Extremely low income schools.
Location: Orile Agege.
Friday. 25th October, 2019.

BagSwap Project: Day One.

It's been our #BagSwap project month and we have been paying it forward to children in other schools. We have been donating school bags, notebooks and stationary to children in need because we understand what if feels like 💪
It's been awesome and rewarding exercise.
Special admiration and thanks to our wonderful friends, sponsors, volunteers and partners.

Thank You immensely for aiding effective learning through donations of basic needs for kids like us. 🙏 #Street2schoolNG. Thank You.

Every Child Can Learn, If Given A Chance...

To Sponsor a child, please do send us a mail com. 
Education is a best legacy. A great development tool. 

We opened a School to Change Mindsets.

Some weeks ago, I was invited to speak to a group of Christian leaders and theological studies students about our work at Street to School Initiative. This is one emotional task for me. It usually, is. 
So, after much preparations. I set off to the meeting place.
At the scheduled hour. I was ushered in to a warm reception by transformational leaders. Nigerians and Non-Nigerians. The serenity. The expectations.
I loved the atmosphere, already. 
After 55 minutes of my narration. A few questions were asked, and I answered them, as much as I could. However, one question, just one question, could do the throwing, off balance! A double-barreled question. Apparently, the seeker sought to understand our model and plan for the kids, after primary education. 
 ‘Sponsoring street kids & out-of-school children to school is pretty cool’
‘It’s a brilliant idea to run a tuition-free elementary school for out of school children in underserved communities, however, what next after primary educati…

2019 BagSwap

So excited by this project... 💖 We really are. We have worked so long with children in rural communities to understand what lack of educational resources, is.
We love to bridge this gap. We love to make learning, effective and fun. You can join us!! #Volunteer. #Advocate. #Donate#SupportAChild#Partner#ShareThis.
Let The Children Learn. #BagSwap project.
Get Involved:

On-Going Health Project, Sponsored. Providing Ease of Access to Quality HealthCare for Vulnerable Women and Children.

A *one year project, aimed to renovate and fully equip a primary health Centre in a rural community in Lagos.

The project includes:
*Renovation of existing dilapidated building. *Installation of solar system
* Installation of water purification system.
*Provision of medical equipment
*Provision of office furniture etc.

We are thankful for our Sponsor. The Embassy of Japan in Nigeria. Thank you for the ease of access to quality health care for vulnerable women and children. Thank YOU.

What community is next?!? 😊#Advocacy #givingeverychildachance