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Hold on to your DREAMS..

Not until two days ago, was I informed that our last event on mentoring orientation programme for secondary school students got featured in one of our National Dailies... I feel great and humbled!!! Thanks to Aunty Joke -the Online Editor for a job well done. Today, reading through our story in THE NATION newspaper dated 22nd of November, 2010 on Page 24, gladdens my heart; the picture tells alot about students who dare to dream....we cannot but continually wish them all the very best in their endeavours...:)

Dream On...



It's been ages since we communicated with you last, we really do hopethat you are doing pretty well. Best wishes in all your endeavours.Once again, we want to thank all our Youths Mentors, Sponsors, Donorsand Friends.... thank you for giving a helping hands to these needyones....we appreciate you.

Today, we've been able to complete the WAEC registration process of adisadvantaged young man who's been eager to go to school but withoutthe means... We are so thankful to one of our Mentors for such a greatassistances!!!. Last year, we also did sponsor Anu -a female studentto write the 2009 WAEC exams and today, she's an undergraduate of TaiSolarin College of Education. Thanks to God, and to everyone for theimmense support!

To our 2010 volunteer Mentors, we urge you to always keep in touchwith your Mentee....while those who are yet to get their Mentees'details should please look forward to receiving it this week!

Happy New Month....