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Teachers Workshop. Checked.

*The 21st Century Teacher*
Majekodunmi Segun

The 21st Century Teacher, this was the theme of a seminar organized by a non profit organization "Street to School Initiative".

The speaker *Mr Oloyede Fagbemi* who gave the nitty gritty of what a today teacher should do; He said in his lecture that a teacher must *Be Visionary, Collaborative, Be a Risk Taker, Always Learn, Communicating, and so also Modelling Behaviour*.
The speaker who said in his words that he his a great advocated of the use of the rod of correction in schools  "Creativity and Innovation helps to propel a teacher's vision" this where one of his words on being visionary  He urged the teachers to be a risk taker "You must be willing to take calculated risks and some times surrender yourself to the students' knowledge" he said.
The seminar was experience filled as teachers shares their experience on different type of students they have. On Modeling Behavior he opined that "There is an exp…

Food Program! Reality Check

Inflation Highly unbearable.
In our School feeding program. Which is just a month old. Two things we have observed.
1. School attendance rate is HIGH only on days we serve food. We feed them twice a week.
2. Some Children wouldn't finish their meal!, but pack it up to take home for their families!. They eat a few spoons, then all you see next is an empty plate??  Seems there is an agreement between mama and the kids that they must bring food home for others.. † Special thank you to all our Helping Hands at Helpers Academy. Thank you.
With your donation, we have been able to pay teacher's salaries consistently for 19 months. This month is so unsure..! We need donations...
To support us please send 
Donation: GTBank; Street to School Initiative; 0162126614.

No Child Goes Hungry.

#JustSharing In 2015 when this scholar (attached pics) joined us with his elder brother, all he could speak was Hausa language! Not a single sentence in English. Babu turanshi. They had moved to Lagos from Maiduguri due to BokoHaram insurgency, they lost their home... And, while their dad came to Lagos with two boys, no news about their mother's whereabout with other children till date.
These two young scholars joined us, with little to NO literacy nor numeracy knowledge. It was a difficult beginning for everyone of us as we had no translator! Lol. This morning, guess who spoke fluent English to me while seated in this corner?!? Omg. I was transfixed. Elated. My heart bursting with enormous joy. Truly, #EveryChildCanLearn #EveryChildDeservesAchance.
Meanwhile, one of our goals this year is to get a better school environment. We want to move...  The population is increasing despite how much we scrutinise new intake. Every week, more children show up with their parents. Sadly, we c…

Saying No to Hunger While Learning.

Special THANKS to friends who pulled resources together to initiate a FEEDING program for the children at Helper's Academy (A school initiative of Street to School for primary school drop outs, and out of school children). Your intervention is timely. We thank you for your thoughtfulness. God bless.

Happy New Year 2017!

Thank You For 2016!