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It's One Year..

"There’s something you learn from helping other people with their dreams that prepares you for your own"

Today, marks 365th day...of Basit's first day in School at eleven. It's exactly ONE YEAR!! Awwh! How time flies...May God give us the grace to help more young people out there who need some support..:) Special Thanks, Friends. Thank You for making huge impact with your Resources..Thank You so much, God bless you! #ProjectBasit

A Trip to Ibadan as a CYFI Fellow...PhotoSPEAKS!

Date: 19th of January, 2013...such an exciting trip it was for the CYFI Fellows and the Board. I l

absolutely brilliant..

This is absolutely brilliant... I just finished a phone conversation and couldn't hold it!!!! LOL

Me: Thank you so much sir for all you do, we appreciate you..
Caller: No, don't mention....You don't know how happy I am doing this for them...(continues)....One of my resolutions this year is to see my Mentees get admission into Higher Institution of their choice...already, I have them included in my legal WILL"
Moi: aaawwh...this is good news. #Blushing :)

#These were same students that we tried fundraising for thier exams exactly one year ago. It's amazing how God makes things aBsOlUtElY bRiLliAnT in His time. Yeah! the G-Factor!

How Much is Too Much?

....The other day I was discussing with a friend who wanted to know how much it costs us to register a student for WAEC examination. And, when I told him it could cost as high as N30, 000 to N35,000 which largely depends on the School of registration...he was stunned...and felt that was pretty much especially in Lagos state where the Government pays the fee for students in Public schools... Yes, that is true, maybe he got a good point there :)

Howbeit, the truth is that not every community in Lagos State got public schools. Considering the distance, some parents are forced to send their kids to nearby private schools -which they know they cannot fully afford. Eventually they got some accumulating school bills every academic year. We have seen cases whereby their wards/children are eventually sent out of school without completion.

At present, there are three cases...and you just wouldn't want to blame their parents for 'starting what they can...not finnish'! :)..Atleast …

Memorable Gathering of Future Champions..

On 29th of December, 2012 just a few days before the year elapsed. we had a great gathering of some of our Mentees and past beneficiaries of our Education Sponsorship Scheme. The good thing is that a good number of these youths have moved from one level of academic aspiration to another. It was such an enlightening gathering as we chatted away on the journey thus far...

Linda Obi, a 20years old woman and 2008 Mentee/Beneficiary shared with everyone her achievements thus far and challenges. She is an undergradute at the Federal Polytechnic, Nekade and also Federal University where she pursues a University degree..

In attendance also were:

Onofe, 2009 Mentee/Beneficiary. Now, he is a 300 level student of Agriculture at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

O. Longe, 2009 Mentee/2010 GCE beneficiary. He is an undergraduate of the University of Port Harcout.

Uwanta I. 2009 Mentee. He is a 200 level student at the Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka

Tackie. F. 2009 Mentee/2010 GCE …