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Education is Freedom.

#EducationPays. #LettingTheChildrenLearn!

Book Distribution On The Street to Children With Incomplete Noteboks

Another exciting and memorable exercise we embarked on, this month was #StreetDonation. This entails distribution of notebooks to primary  school pupil who had fewer notebooks. We realise that lack of educational materials affects learning outcome. We distributed thousand copies of notebooks to rural children to aid learning.  #EducationAid #Notebooks. 

Friends From Canada...!

On Wednesday, 19th of October, we had little Amira visit us from Canada with her family! Thank you Amira for the educational items donated to the children. You ar kind.
Thank you Ms. Yomi Alder, Cara-marie Donofrio and Seun Tijani for your kind thoughtfulness, and time shared with us. Thank you, Mrs. Deola Ogunkolade for the donated books - "The Missing Clock" written by Nai Nasara. Thank you very much for the reading session, you all made learning, fun. 
How could we forget the Tanzania clap?! Thank You.

Children We Work With...

So yesterday, we had 3 children joined us in the school. #2Girls! #1Boy aged 7-10.  They have been out of school for some time, until today. Initially, dadda wouldn't want them to go, because there was literally no food in the house or fund to buy their necessary materials. Not a problem. I muttered. So, after much persuation, and assurance that their bill, breakfast + lunch for today was on us, we got them. (Y) (Y) (Y) #QED.

Last week, a mother met us on our way to school, she informed about the 'newest' girl in our school...and, in her words " school private ni omo yen n lo tele, sugbon ati igba ti mummy e ti iku recently, ko si eni to ounso owo school fees e mo. So, we decided to bring her to your school" (Translation : She used to go to a pricey private school before, however since her mum died, no one could afford to pay her bills, so we decided to bring her to your school.)

What about the dad?
I inquired.

"Aagburo daddy e mo tipe." She says.


Festive Contest Winner.

Apparently, we would not have been able to do all we do, without the immense support we receive from terrific individuals and corporate organizations. Thank you, UPS Foundation!
#FestiveContestWinner #Award #UPS #Education #EveryChildDeservesAChance.

Happy International Day of the Girl Child

Teacher's Celebration: Photographs of Event

Dear Sir/Ma,
Trusting your day has been good. Kindest Regards!
Attached herewith are some photographs of event at the Teacher's Day event which was held on Saturday, 8th, October, 2016. We honoured 25 teachers from 8 different schools (Public, Private) with some gifts, Special thanks to Giver's Network for the partnership and support. Thank you, always.
And, to you reading this. We thank you for being there. You really mean so much to us. Thank you for having our back. You are kind. God bless!

Sincerely, Tosin Taiwo
For the Children.

Child Writes A Letter To A Benefactor..

A letter to a Benefactor from one of the sponsored children...#PleasantSurprise