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Every Child Counts.

This picture shows one of our 'sponsored' girls in front of her residence. She's got a cute smile, right?. smile emoticon
She desired to go to school, and got her desire met. Thanks to her sponsor -Mrs A. She showed up at a good time. Thank you. Special shout out to all.. tongue emoticon
Unfortunately, not every child like our young friend gets their request granted. Today, I remember with deep sense of empathy, another young friend...whose guardian wouldn't let us have her, because she has been 'bought' with a price.  unsure emoticon

 'Oh well, I have paid for her service, already and can't afford to release her to attend any school, now. She got so many things to do for me' says her guardian! Woowow! I was shocked by her response. (Abeg na who send me o. Thank God she didn't pour hot water on my head. lol). This was one little girl that hawks from morning till evening. You needed to see the heavy 'goods' she carries to sell on the street! Sh…

Nigerian 'Kimani Maruge' ??

This man here (pictures attached), inspires. He is the oldest parent to two pupils  we've got in our local school for the underserved. His passion and love for education reminds one of #Kimani Maruge of Kenya! (I think he looks like him..) Although he looks fragile, old.. he rides 'maruwa' (tricycle) for a living! Today, as he came around, all I could see was a 'struggling' father who want to ensure that he gives his children, the best legacy -#Education. He is so passionate about this. So passionate. #GodBlessHim. 
Once again, Special Thanks to all of our friends who trust us enough to sponsor these children through us. God bless your hearts!!!!! :)

Our Notable Keywords

It's 2016 already, and our keywords are:   #PoorKids #OutOfSchoolChildren #RuralArea #Streets #RekindlingHope #HelpersAcademy #OneGoal #Education #EveryChildDeservesAChance #SupportUs #women #mentoring

Happy MLK's Day!

It's another day to celebrate the life and time of Martin Luther King.

In one of Luther's quote he has this to say about education...

"The Function of Education is to teach one to think intensively, and to think critically..."

Thank You, Luther!