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Breaking NEWS! :)

WOW! Today, we had such a great time at the #BagSwap event and it was exciting distributing some basic educational items to needy children in public schools in rural communities. We did visit three schools namely Meiran Community Primary School, African Church Primary School, and Ikola Community Primary School, Ikola. We donated thousands of items to the pupil. WOW! 

Some of the items distributed include: School bags, notebooks, sandals, pencils, crayons, The Bible, erasers to more than six hundred children. Special admiration to our Donors. Thank you for all you do. It means so much to us all..

Thank you, Myne Whitman! Thank you, Ghana Consulate General, Lagos Thank you, Bible Society of Nigeria Thank you, Terrific Friends of RSN.
Oops! We had terrific volunteers, too. They did so well. Thank you. :) watch this space for great photographs...x

Project25..OnGoing :)

Sponsoring the education programs of the Girl Child. #OurMandate.
Thanks to our Friends and Child Sponsors!!! #Project25.

PART ONE: Visit to Some Public Schools As Children Resume New Academic Term..

[I do not know why I have to write this update, [grins] however, a good part of me felt like expressing some thoughts and experience, so I hope you do enjoy..reading]

As I made a quick visit to some schools yesterday and today. It was so exciting to watch the children hop from one place to the other, some with tattered uniform yet with glowing smiles... others with so clean ones, looking so brightly coloured like the rainbow. They play together, walk around the compound and in some cases scream so loudly, having so much fun! [Oh mine. Someone here is missing her childhood times  it truly feels good to be a child, so free.. with little or nothing to worry about. Certainly, adulthood presents a totally different ball game;) totally DIFFERENT...with so many things to be serious about :/]. 
The look in the eyes of the kids was so inviting, and it suggests they have missed the environment so much, and have lots of catching up to do with their friends and teachers.
And, while I stood by the do…


If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online: Call for Volunteers..BagSwap Project is a School Project that involves the distribution of educational items to public school children in rural communities. This is aimed to promote education and build the enthusiasm of the disadvantaged kids towards education. First Batch of the distribution exercise comes up on the 30th of September, 2013. First Name * Middle Name Last Name Address 1 Address 2 Mobile Number Email Address Why do you want to volunteer with us? Never submit passwords through Google Forms. Powered by This content is neither created nor endorsed by Google.
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The first batch of the distribution exercise of educational items to Public School Children in rural communities comes up on the 30th of September 2013. And, we need VoLuNtEeRs!!! Kindly send a text message to 234(0)8034093287 OR a blank mail to rsnnigeria @ gmail. com to register your interest, pls. We need the gift of you.
RSN: It's all about young people.

Customised Notebooks for Children.

In preparation for the #BagSwap event which would take place in some days away...we have got ourselves two thousand copies of writing pads for children in rural communities who cannot afford some educational items.
At the #BagSwap event, we hope to distribute school bags, sandals, pencils, pens, crayon, notebooks for the needy kids. We do this to promote education and encourage the kids to stay in school. This is profitable than wandering on the streets..
Huge admiration to our friends and donors. Thank you, always!

To All Child Sponsors!

To our friends and Child Sponsors(CS) who are not on our mail list serv. Here is a letter for you:
Dear C.S,
On behalf of the kids, we say a BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed to paying our school bills and supporting our education.

Truly, we understand how difficult it is sometimes to meet up with personal demands and then a stranger' need. We understand it and we appreciate YOU so much for being there. Thank you for making life more meaningful and exciting for us. Thank you. We pray to God this day and always to bless you more and protect you. May God make your ways prosperous and guide you in all you do. Amen.
Thank You SO much, Sir/Ma.
RSN Team

Mamas Got to Smile, Too. #BagSwap Project!!!

Here are some educational items we have got, while we wait for some more donations. Already, we've got some Two thousand notebooks..Thanks to our Sponsors for the Support. Also, our special thanks to Myne Whitman, Mrs. Tolu and Ms. Anne for the wonderful support. it's been awesome. x 

We truly need to get some more 50 bags for the children. Also, sandals, etc. Every donation is appreciated...
It's the Back to School, Season people!!!! let's make it happen for the disadvantaged children...let's promote education...bringing smiles to their faces...and their mothers'.

Thank You!

Celebrating 5years of BAGSWAP Project.

Did you know that our first "BagSwap" project happened in 2008 and the first recipients were kids with hearing challenge (DEAF) in Ikotun, Lagos State. Yes! we had some good time with the kids,learning sign language, played football and ate some sweet jollof rice...hohohoho 

Then, this initiative was named -GKC Foundation.  The photograph (ALBUM) below illustrates it better..#PreciousMemories..

PS: BagSwap Project is an annual exercise of donation of educational materials to the disadvantaged young people. We swap their old bags, nylon, make-shift bags for a better, stronger ones, with some stationeries and notebooks intact. This year, our BagSwap Project would take place on the 30th of September, 2013..we need Partners, Sponsors, Donors, pls...we truly want to reach out to more young people this year...thank you!!! 

Visiting Homes of Some Sponsored Kids...thank you, Sponsors.

Today, we visited the home of some of our sponsored kids and it was all so exciting. Sitting on the floor as there were no chairsss....however, it was all fun...x And, we had so much to talk schools resume in few days time!!! Oops. 
Let the work begin.. we can't wait! #BagSwap Project.

The CountDown..

'What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.' -Albert Pike

Wishing everyone a fantastic, mind-blowing week ahead, as we count down to our Back2School #‎BagSwap Project... September 30th, 2013.
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Preschool Cancelled In Osun State. Thumbs Up or Down?

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State on.Tuesday said that his administration had cancelled pre-nursery in all government owned public schools in the state.

Aregbesola said this in Ila Orangun during interactive forum with the people in the area. The governor, who addressed the crowd in Yoruba, said that his administration decided to cancel the pre-nursery because it was wrong for mothers to dump their babies in schools in the name of building careers.

He said, " We have cancelled pre-nursery in all public schools. Babies in pre-nursery schools should be under their mothers' care and not in school. Mothers should take care of their babies until they are six years old.

"Children from six years of age to 18 will enjoy free and qualitative education, we are committed to giving our children qualitative education and we won't compromise on this."
The governor also said that his administration was working on a bill to make it mandatory for any civil servan…

[Letter To A Volunteer Youth Mentor..:)]

Dear Mentor,

This morning, we received a 'Thank YOU' phone call from your Mentee - a young lady. And she was surprised that you have doubled the monthly stipend that you pay her.. She was so filled with excitement and appreciation for your support since the past one year. To her, your support has been awesome. Unbelievable! Unimaginable! You came into the picture when her hope of pursuing a University Degree was lost due to financial struggles, because momma could never afford such luxury nor her late dadda. Already, there was so much at the homefront to take care of.. But now, it is a different story, as you have consistently mentored and supported her..into furthering her education. Now, she is a prospective Undergraduate in one of the Universities in Nigeria.. #‎FullScholarship .

Aside, supporting/mentoring her and other students. You have given so much commitment, time. And, we can only ask God to bless you more for all you do. Likewise our appreciation goes to every other…