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Business Hallmark Newspaper Reports...

Hope your day is going pretty well and exciting.. Today, the Business Hallmark Newspaper features our School Career Day story, So, you might want to grab your It's on page 36. Huge appreciation to everyone who made it a great success and to Mrs.Uzezi for her efforts. God bless... Tosin.

What About Us? ....Sex Education for the BOYS!!!

Last week, we had a seminar for our girls on Sex Education. And, really it was a thrilling moment...meeting and discussing with young girls about things that matters, about their reproductive health, emotional relation, sexuality etc. It was an educative time....time to learn and be thought on the ills of our society regarding the menace of sexual abuse etc. I thought the ladies need this seminar more, until I received a message from a friend: "GOOD ONE. WHEN WILL THE MEN HAVE DRE OWN CLASS? BOYS ARE ABUSED TOO (LOL). BELIEVE ME IT DOES HAPPEN.THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH" Now, having the male session is on my mind....where do we start? Lol... Nice Day, Everyone. Tosin.

Sex Education Seminar For Our Girls...

Today, we had an exciting time moving from one class to the otherspeaking with young people on "Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention & WhatNext...". Our Resource Person is a wonderful lady -Mrs. OlutosinOladosu Adebowale, a Sexual Abuse Victim Advocate and Founder of StopThe Abuse Foundation (STAR).

It trully was an intriguing session and Girls' Only moments as tons oftheir mind-throbbing questions received good answers, while a fewsourced for private counselling...this we did with loads of love andnot condemnation.... Attached herewith are some of our photographs...:)

TalkShow on Sex Education

Hi Friends,

Sequel to our last School Career event with the students of I.H.S, we have been invited to have another talkshow/discussion with the female students education! Actually, this was the idea of some students who after our Career event approached the School Principal on the need to have a Resource Person talk to them on that angle.

The date and time is tomorrow...24th of March, 9:30am. Already, wehave got one Resource Persons for this exercise and wouldn't mind tohave one more....We know that this notification is coming in late, we just didn't wantto border you, after the immense support received from you all duringthe last event. Once again, we say THANK YOU

RSN Nigeria

CAREER DAY Project with IHS Students....

Greetings Fellow Patriots!
Once again, without mincing words....we really wanna say....a ZILLION thanks to all of you, for making our CAREER DAY PROJECT a huge success! For your prayers, donations, participation etc....we loveyou. Here with me, is a THANK YOU note from the Principal of Ikeja Snr. High School to the entire members of RESOURCE SHARING NETWORK. Also, the students appreciate our endeavours and wish they could have more of it next time. To our Special Guest Speakers, thank you for giving your time, energy and sharing of your knowledge with us....hope you enjoyed our "youthfulness"...drama, songs etc....:).
To those who donated cash, books, pens etc...You are loved! May God bless you all for making March 11th, 2011 memorable for theseyoung people. Find attached some of our photographs...

Yours Faithfully,

Tosin Taiwo for: Resource Sharing Network

She's got a Sponsor....

Some few weeks back, we did a story about one of our young friends whom we sponsored to write an examination last year Oct/ would want to read her :) Once again, we are glad to share with you that she has gotten some funds from David Tyler Trust to write a qualifying exam (JAMB) into the University. Some weeks back, she was denied of registering for the exam because her parent and widowed mum couldn't afford to pay the sum for her two children. hence the brother was choosen over her to write the exams....but, now...thanks to Don and David Tyler Trust for the offer. We appreciate your gesture! God bless.

Invitation for Guest Speakers....

Dear Sir/Ma,
We are pleased to inform you that we have been invited to collaborate with a public Snr. High School in Lagos State on her forth coming One-Day CAREER SEMINAR for SSS 1-2 students on Friday, 11th of March, 2011 at the School premises.

We are playing a major role here, by providing Young Professionals as Guest Speakers for the event, light refreshment etc and, we need One Person in each of the following work field:
• Journalism
• Accounting/Banking
• Engineering
• Medical Science
• Political Science
• Acting/Theatre Art
• Etc.

If you are interested in chatting to young people on “Choice of Careerand why” then, kindly reply to this mail or call Tosin on 08034093287. Peradventure, you interested in providing light refreshment…snacks,drinks, biscuits etc…they would appreciate it. Remember, we are dealing with kids here…maybe biscuits would do….:)

Now, the ball is in our court…..

Do have a pleasant Day, everyone


P.S (To the Mentors who had spe…