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Would You Be A Mentor?

This is a Mentoring program where young people in Secondary Schools are mentored through tutoring and exciting activities after school. It's specifically designed to improve on the academic performances of young people!

1. Must demonstrate maturity and leadership skills
2. Must demonstrate patience, sensibility, confidence, social skills and reliability.
3. Must be willing and ready to mentor any individual regardless of race or socio economic class.
4. Must be able to communicate with his or her Protege(e) at least 2 times in a week via phone calls, e-mentoring(emails) or Physical presences etc.
5. Must be able to help improve on the academic performances of these young ones, etc.

Suggested Ways of Communicating with these Young People are:
1. SMS -texting
2. Phone Call
3. Electronic-mail
4. Physical Presence -Visitation
5. etc.

For further enquires, do send us an email via or write in on here as comments.


Mentor-Mentee's Note

Hi Onofe,

Sure all is well.

I have been assigned to you as your mentor.

I would like you to send me a brief background about yourself stating your targets and how you hope to achieve them.

Kindly note also your strength, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges inherent in achieving your set targets.

Feel free to ask me any questions about myself.

All the best.