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Happy Children's Day...


Today, we hope for a safer, happier, healthier and friendlier community for the world's children. hApPy ChiDrEn's DaY!!

Weekend Tutorial: Call For Tutors..

..Early Saturday Morning Tutorial Classes for High School Girls Commenced Some Months Back! Send Us A Mail If You'd Be Our Volunteer Tutor!?!

#MathematicsIsFUN #Education #Project25 #BringBackOurGirls

Every Sponsor...Thank YOU!

...Exciting scenarios this morning...that got me smiling. Okay, I'm going to share this: 

Firstly, there was the midnight credit alert from a wonderful friend and brother who pleaded to remain "Mr. Anonymous". He's sponsoring 15 young people to register for the 2014 GCE examination, FREE!..Woohoo! Huge Shout-Out, Mr. Anonymous. You are #Terrific Thank you! God Bless.

Secondly, there's this sponsored child whose single mama does not put value to education. None of her 4kids went to school. However, we got to sponsor the child anyway, because we aren't just doing it for mama, but for the boy! He's been such a brilliant boy. From street to school.

But, for some time now, we get reports from his school that our little friend hasn't been regular in school because mama wants him to baby-sit his sibling and do some chores....<<>> Aarrrghh. Our efforts to get mama visit us hasn't been successful, until today. 

And, what we did was, we informed t…

2014 GCE Sponsorship..?

<<<<<<<<...That phone call from a young man living in some miles away (Ikorodu), and an email request for sponsorship from another young person...were good reminders that the 2014 GCE application form was out ...!>>>>>>>>>>>

Now, Aside, Primary Education Sponsorship for Children.....For Some 5 Years Now, We've Been Involved in Sponsoring Basic National Examination For Less Privileged Young People. We've Sponsored Some 100 Youth To Register FREELY for Examinations Such As: GCE, NECO, WAEC, and JAMB. And, Some of them have gained admission into the Universities, Polytechnics, College of Education etc.

This short note in place of an epistle is to extend a ZZZZillion "thank U and God Bless you" to all our friends who's got our back. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Thank you for the Sponsorship.

You are Amazing!
You are Kind..
You are Rare...
You are A GEM..

We just wanted you to know this. :} TogetherWEmakeChangePo…

Photographs ++

Some Basic 9 students of a low cost private school in rural areas, learning Mathematics. Tutor: Coach Faloju, a Banker, and Staff of Standard Chartered Bank. #Gracias.

#BringBackOurGirls! #Education #BestLegacy #Investment #RuralCommunities

More Photos of FREE Weekend Teaching Class for Basic 9 Students..

Free Tutorial Class As Basic 9 Students Prepare for Examinations!

Today, we are having the final revision class for Basic 9 students in rural communities, as Junior West African Examination (WAEC) commences in few days time. Special thanks to our volunteer tutor.. CoachFaloju :) #Education #Girls

#Investing in education is one of the most important things we can do, not only for our children, but for the benefit of our whole community.


Sponsor A Child?

Inspiring Interview of the Founder of STS with a Croatian Media -Libela!

Razgovor TOSIN TAIWO, OSNIVAČICA I DIREKTORICA STREET TO SCHOOL INITIATIVE: 'Sanjam o naciji gdje će škole biti sigurno utočište za djecu' Tosin Taiwo (Foto: Facebook: Street to School Initiative) U posljednjih nekoliko godina, u Nigeriji je broj stanovnika i stanovnica eksponencionalno rastao, sada iznosi oko 174 milijuna ljudi, dok je 45 posto populacije mlađe od 15 godina. Prema UNESCO-u, preko 10 milijuna djece nije pristupilo niti jednom obliku formalnog obrazovanja, što Nigeriju stavlja na vrh ljestvice zemalja s tim problemom. Razgovarale smo s Tosin Taiwo, osnivačicom i direktoricom Street to School Initiative, neprofitnom organizacijom koja promovira i podržava obrazovne programe za djecu i mlade žene koji/e nisu u mogućnosti obrazovati se. Tosin je rođena i živi u Nigeriji, u pokrajini Ondo. Kako je koncipirano školovanje u Nigeriji? Na koji način vi kao inicijativa sudjelujete u tom procesu? Obrazovni sistem u Nigeriji temelji se na 6-3-3-4 sistemu, koji uključuje t…


Free Teaching Class

Please, meet with one of the students during our free weekend teaching class -#MathIsFun, following a step by step approach towards solving linear algebra. #Basic9Student. Impressive?
What is a ?! 


#Stop BokoHaram, #BringBackOurGirls...


Thanks to everyone who joined to raise a voice against the abduction of our schoolgirls. We hope to overcome this hurdle soon. So that girl child education would not be a treat any more and our schools would be safer for all...‪#‎BringBackOurGirls‬.