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The program started at around 12:45pm with an opening prayer by Mr. Oshevire Onofe after which the welcome address was taken by Mrs. Tosin the Founder of the Organization. She stated the objectives of the organization which is to help improve on the academic performances of students writing the WAEC examination. In recent times, the West African Examination result has been devastating as higher percentage of Nigerian youths fail this exam yearly. In 2008, she stated that 85% of SSS 3 students failed English Language and Mathematics, etc. Also, this year, 2010, statistics has it that 79% failed to pass English Language!

Hence, the essence of this Youths Mentoring Scheme is to yearly pair some of these youths in SSS 3 classes with young professionals from different sectors only with the aim of improving on their academic performances and morals… thus far, the organization has reached out to more than 5000 students in their respective schools through her Career Seminar Initiative and Mentoring Program.

Guest Speakers at the event include:
• Mr. John Ekundayo from Malaysia
• Mr. Tunde Adeleye –UK Certified Educationist
• Mrs. Olubola Adeleye – Motivational Speaker (UK)
• Engr. Zaidan Khalifat –ARIK Air

Mrs. Olubola Adeleye is a UK Qualified Mortgage, Loans and Insurance Broker; she spoke on “The Art of Mentoring” where she pointed out the benefits of mentoring. She regretted that it was quite unfortunate that most of them never had an opportunity like this to be mentored by young professionals. Maybe if they were guided and instructed by a Mentor while growing up, their lives would have been a lot better!

Mr. Tunde, who is a UK Certified Educationist, spoke extensively on the need to reform our educational system in Nigeria. He admonished teachers and parents to help their kids think independently. He opined that one of the major problems we have in various schools in Nigeria is that most teachers only tell the student “What to think” and not “How to think”. We’ve been forced to accept teacher’s ideologies without arguments or disapproval. And, this has greatly affecting us. It has made learning not to be enjoyed but endured. Also, he stated that there is need for teachers to set Targets for their students in various Subjects just as we have it in the banking system and also reward those who meet up with the standards. He said that this would motivate the student to work harder and meet up with the raised standards.

Engr. Zaidan from ARIK Air, during his speech admonished the participants to love their Country, for we cannot improve on a country we do not love. He advised the youths to believe in themselves, be creative and set plans for their future.

Mr. John Ekundayo, a COREN registered engineer and Organizational Leadership Graduate from the Monash University, Australia addressed the participants on “Attaining Academic Excellence: Our Collective Responsibilities”. He spoke on the need to have S.M.A.R.T goals, i.e. Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound goals. The essentiality of time-management and hardwork was emphasized by the speaker as this would help the students to attain distinctive excellence in their works.

Lastly, Mr Adewale Adebusoye, a young professional and Computer Science M.Sc holder from Netherlands motivated the youths by sharing his personal life experiences as a youth. He encouraged the youths to hold on to their dreams and never give up.

Other highlights of the day, include: Discussant Group by Past Mentors, Presentation of Awards to 2009 Most Well-Behaved Mentee was given to Farouk Tackie an ex-student of Opebi Grammar School, Ikeja; While Oshovire Onofe went home with the 2009 Best Mentee trophy. However, 2009 Best Mentors, went to Mr. Tunde Majiyagbe (UBA) and Mrs. Taiye Falolu of Standard Chartered Bank, both of these mentors have demonstrated high level of commitment to the mentoring schemes. And, have supported their Mentees immensely.

It was indeed mind-blowing moments…

Thank YOU.

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