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RSN makes Africa Impact Makers list.


Tosin Taiwo quit her job as a Software Programmer to focus in her humanitarian causes. She set up the Resource Sharing Network (RSN) in 2009; a non-governmental, youth-centric organization established to provide education for the disadvantaged young people. The organisation believes that education is a major leverage that enables one to aspire high in life and to successfully pursue one’s dream.

“Service (National Youth Service Corps) brought me much closer to the needy. I was particularly moved by the plights of the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). I saw how twisted life was and that had a great impact on me” She recounted. This passion earned her the award of ‘Overall Best Corp Member in 2006/2007’.

“I have always had the passion to serve and assist even before I went for service. After service, I went back to my software company and got connected to Idea Builders and enrolled in their Women Mentoring Women programme. That was where I was empowered enough to start my own non-governmental organisation.” So far, Tosin has remained dedicated to inspiring youths. Her foundation, Resource Sharing Network (RSN), tirelessly fundraises to encourage less-privileged young people to embrace education.

“You don’t need to have millions before you can help. The little you have that you do not use, you could pass it on and it would make a lot of difference in someone’s life. As an organisation, ours is to bring those resources together and make the world a better place and it has been fulfilling. Young people need all of the help they can get to stay strong, focused and excel. They need you to give them the gift of your support and mentorship.”
RSN is only about four years since establishment but has impacted several people, including moving a family to a better apartment; sponsoring students to take the JAMB examination; helped a little girl who supports her deaf mother to go to school, and many other projects. ‘We have had to ‘beg’ in public places to raise money to cater for the poor and those living with disabilities across Nigeria.’

According to Tosin: “The foundation is a dream come true. There are many problems in the world. Although we are a growing organization, our basic target is those that want to go to school without the means. We are motivated to do what we do because of the voiceless, young people out there on the street, from disadvantaged homes who crave to go back to school, but do not have the means. We want to build their enthusiasm towards education, regardless of their present hurdles and the difficulties faced by their parents.”
Resource Sharing Network ranks as one of the most impactful, prudent and accountable NGOs in Nigeria. The organisation addresses very impressively the famous challenges of insecurity and unpredictability in the evaluation of social interventions through the use of open financial accounting and administrative processes. No information on its activity is ever considered neither sensitive nor insignificant to be published for the public via newsletters and social media.

“Although the money may not be there, the reward and fulfilment one gets from helping people is priceless. Really, it’s been wonderful working with young people” She added.

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