RSN is 5...We Missed Those Inspiring Team Members!

Dear Sir/Ma,

Merry Christmas to you and to your loved ones. We ask this day, that the blessings which accompanies the birth of Christ would be truly yours, today and always. Merry Christmas to you!

This month makes it the FIFTH year of RSN existence. And, we have so much to be thankful for, despite the many challenges we have been faced with, especially in the first 3-4 years. I remember vividly, when the essence of our existence was no longer making good sense to other team members and they had to leave ONE after the OTHER until Tosin seem to be the only one standing... :p simply because there were no salaries attached nor allowances paid due to lack of support and funding. It was pretty tight, really....:D How much we missed those inspiring team members(4).

Today and this anniversary we choose to count our blessings and overlook those difficult moments we have had. We choose to appreciate everyone of you who have stood by us, believing in this cause! Thank you for your unimaginable support. And, just as our good friend and donor (Mrs. Faloju Taiye) would always say..."RSN is not about you,'s about those children who need our every support and assistance". And, another Friend and terrific Mentor (Julia Pedro) would say "Thank you for being the shoulder I had to climb to do my bit". wow! Thank you all for 'choosing' to cross and stay on our path despite the frequent mails we bombard your inboxes, with! Thank you, Mr. Efosa Obazee! Your phone call was timely. You are so kind, sir. *smiles*. Thank you.

The truth is we would not have been able to do all we do without your love, care, support, prayers, donations! it means SO much to us as we have been able to support the academic programs of thousands of young people through mentorship, sponsorship and empowerment programmes! It's been an amazing FIVE years! Your expression of love has been overwhelming! May God bless you and make your ways more prosperous in the forthcoming year! Amen. 

We remain instruments of Hope for the less privileged young people in Nigeria. And, we are so hopeful that Year 2014 would bring greater opportunities, blessings and open doors for everyone of us.

Our Huge appreciation to God for the opportunity. 

Thank you, friends for being there. Thank you!

TAIWO, Tosin
"It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear, but the pale and the hungry-looking"-Julius Caesar.
"Every time I see an out-of-school child, I see potentials begging to be exploited...MentorAChild" -Tosin Taiwo

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